Seminar in Kyiv

Seminar in Kyiv


Thank you for coming professionals who are interested in Heat-PEX products!

On March 29, Heat-PEX, in cooperation with our partners PRIBALTIKA (, held a technical seminar on the topics: "Heat-PEX system pipelines" and "Panel heating and cooling system".

First and foremost, our technical director, Mikhail Kivenko, spoke not only about how to better mount the systems, but also explained in detail how the Heat-PEX polymer pipes are produced, which are the technical features of underfloor heating and which are the most common mistakes in the installation.

We also add little photo report!

P.S. If you do not have time to come to us this time, follow us, we will definitely announce new events from Heat-PEX!

Lecturer was Mikhail Kivenko.